Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Redesigned Terrain

Here are some renders of my redesigned terrain. The old terrain was just to big and did not have enough flat spaces to work with. This new design should allow me to work much faster and with better quality. I'll probably post again before class with more assets in the scene.


  1. The smaller environment works a lot better. the park still feels big, too. The only thing that isn't working yet is the grass, as it doesn't yet fit with the high-detail trees. the whole thing looks really good.

  2. I'm liking the smoother transition from the terrain to the water and I'd like to see more vegetation, but I know you're working on that.

  3. my favorite thing about your environment is the lighting. The way it hits the hills and highlights them and how the shadows from the trees hit the ground. looks very peaceful. Looking forward to seeing the water its like some one needs to turn the hose on and start that waterfall. put some vines on that bridge!